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PLBM-A Automatic Paper Lunch Box Machine

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PLBM-A Automatic Paper Lunch Box Machine?

PLBM-A Paper Lunch Box Machine Description :

Model PLBM-A Paper Lunch Box Machine is an automatic machine with the advantage of fast speed, easy operation and maintenance. It adopts ceramic hot air (hot air generator) sealing the box 4-cornor, which makes it is available for?single PE coated paper and double PE coated paper.

It makes?single-case?paper lunch box after running the whole procedure of auto paper feeding, heating (hot air, by hot air generator) and forming shape (seal the 4-corner of the lunch box), auto transfer to the connection.

Easy exchange molds to make different size paper lunch box, take-away box, etc.


PLBM-M paper lunch box machine only makes?one-case?lunch box, meal box, take away box


PLBM-A Paper Lunch Box Machine Technical Specification :

  • HS。 Code: 8441309000
  • Paper Lunch Box Size : Regular size (mold exchangeable);
  • Raw Material : PE/PLA coated paper;
  • Suitable paper weight : 200-400 gsm;
  • Rated Productivity : 40--50 piece/minute;
  • Total Power : 5 KW
  • Power Source : 220V 50Hz or other required;
  • Total Weight : 600 Kg;
  • Package Size (L x W x H) : 1650 x 1150 x 2100 mm;
  • Working Air Source : Air Pressure: 0.8Mpa, Air Out-put : 1 m3/minute
  • Need to buy An air compressor。


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