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ZSBJ-1200 Full Automatic High Speed Paper Cup Froming Machine

  Detailed instructions

? ? ? ? ?ZSBJ-1200 Full Automatic High Speed Paper Cup Froming Machine?

? ?ZSBJ-1200 High Speed paper cup( bowl ) forming machine is as automatic machine with multi-working station which has function of photocell detection failure alarm counter and the advantage of humanism design ,safer operation and easier maintenance.

Based on the normal machine,through innovation and improvement. Overall stability and speed of production has been greatly improved .

It produces both one-side and two-side PE -film-coated paper cup,paper bowl after running a whole procedure of automatic pre-printed -fan-shape-paper feeding ,two-step pre-heating,bowl-side-body。Sealing( ultrasonic wave ) silicone oil lubricating ( for top curling ) bottom punching ,two step bottom heating ,bottom pre-folding ,bottom knurling ,top curling and cup ( bowl ) discharging etc。

It is an ideal equipment of making both hot and cold drinks paper cups,( noodle paper bowls,bigger paper cups and other large paper food cone-shaping containers etc.

Main Features

1. Advanced indexing cam open structure,manufacturing precision,ensuring and stability of the machine operation.

2. Swiss import Leiter flameless hot air system,stable performance,high production efficiency.

3. Using high-strength structural profiles,compact machine structure stable.

4。 All use of standardized parts production,versatility,excellent interchange eability ,easy maintenance of equipment 。

5.Using automatic lubrication system ensures high speed operation of the machine for a long time without a break.

6.Intelligent design,PLC automatic control,servo motor,automatic fault alarm,counting, detection,parking and other activities.

7。 Automatic shutdown isolation。

Technology Specification

Model: ZSBJ-1200

Paper cup size :6-16oz?

Speed :110-120 pcs/min?

Machine power :1.5KW

Electric power: 12KW?

Total power: 18KW?

Working air source: 0。5m3/min

Paper material :190-350g/kg

Total weight :2800kg?

Machine dimension :2370 x 1620 x1900 mm

Collection device size:?1200 x 1000 x2170 mm


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